My STory.

At any stage in my life, there has always been a combined passion for athletics and creative content.

At any stage in my life, there has always been a combined passion for athletics and creative content.

My interest in digital arts began with my self-introduction to Photoshop and eventually evolved into video editing. As I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to create, but didn’t know how to get started. During my time at The University of Iowa, I studied majors in both Marketing (B.B.A.) and Art (B.A.). I found marketing to be a fundamental practice of all business and have a close relationship to designers and producers. There was a natural relationship between my interest in creative content and business.

Much of what I thought was a realistic career opportunity changed during my sophomore year when I was hired as a Student Video Assistant with Iowa Football. With the guidance of my bosses, I soon realized that working within sports was a true possibility. Outside of my set job role of filming practices for coach’s film, I started to take on additional roles doing any video editing, production assistance, or learning experience I could. I later purchased my own camera equipment (Sony A7riii) and began to gain cinematography skills with guidance from others around me.

In my last two years at Iowa, I had the great chance to film all home basketball games with a RED cinema camera as a Student Videographer. Along with basketball, I shot select football, gymnastics, track & field, and tennis events.

After my graduation in May of 2019, I began my current full-time position with NASCAR as an associate producer in Charlotte, NC. In this role, I work closely with the Driver Marketing team to deliver creative content to the drivers to better promote themselves, along with the sport as well.

I am excited to begin my journey as a business-minded creative. I look forward to all the networking and business relationships I may have. I strive for each of my projects to continually improve and be the best possible product.

Thank you for taking the time learn about myself and to visit my website,

Matt Little